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Start practicing the next step back; Morse code or flag signals. You may
need to build a network of knowledgeable persons for those. 

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Thanks, Greg. I knew this day would come...soon we will deliver the mail 
by horseback.

On 11/27/11 3:53 AM, G Schmitz wrote:
> Trevor,
> Try using mail - the old fashioned kind with stamp and envelope.  It's 
> more secure and Judy will receive it; she no longer has an ESP (Evil 
> Service Provider) and thus is not using email.  The 61 Morton Street 
> address given by Don Sweet is correct.
> --greg
> On 11/23/11 9:08 PM, Trevor Cunningham wrote:
>> I'm trying to track down copies of the /The World Journal of 
>> Post-Factory Photography /issues 2-9. The email posted on 
>> Alternativephotography.com is no longer active and I haven't seen a 
>> post from Judy Seigel since February. I know I tried to send her an 
>> email earlier this year with no response as well.
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