[alt-photo] Re: Digital Autochrome and Using Dye Curves at Lab

Olga Grgar omg at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 27 20:04:24 GMT 2011

You might try this link:




On 21/11/2011 11:22 AM, Mustafa Umut Sarac wrote:
> I am researching Autochrome for past few years and learned the RRGGBB dyes
> list , concentrations .
> After discussing the APUG for a long time , I decided to give Photoshop a
> chance. I learned that Photoshop LAB is capable to simulate the dye curves.
> I looked to the tutorials on that part of technology and I found may be it
> could not be possible to carry all curve to photoshop but the samples from
> the curves but I am not sure about it .
> I have to buy a new version of photoshop if all clears in my mind.
> Can you discuss the possibilities and technology available with that or
> this software and plug ins ?
> I have also panchromatic emulsion response curves also.
> These are all from the Autochome book and the museum researchers.
> How can I use all this information precisely at ps ?
> Thank you ,
> Mustafa Umut Sarac
> Istanbul
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