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I live in So California where it is very, very dry...I usually don't see a 
hint of a problem until it gets down to 10-15% rh and below...

After your paper dries, it's a good idea to rehumidify the paper with a 
humidifier or pot of boiling water on the stove. Use a sheet of mylar 
between the back of the vacuum frame and the glass, to trap the moisture in 
and also keep it from drying out during the exposure.

Stan Klimek, one of the great all time pt/pd printers worked/works for years 
in Santa Fe and Phoenix with great results, and it doesn't get any drier 
than that.

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> Thanks Mark.
> Being in Chicago as well, maybe it IS getting dry down here.  Definitely
> firing up the humidifier the night before I start testing again.
> The early successes I had were during a decent warm spell in Sept., 
> although
> with all the rain we've been having, you'd think it might be rather moist
> here.
> Just wish the process would cooperate as it did 5-10 years ago where these
> kinds of things were rarely an issue for me.
>>A friend of mine found that he had a consistent 50% humidity year around 
> his basement until I checked my hygrometer against his and found his was
> broken and stuck at 50%. ;)
> All of the problems you described are consistent with too little
> moisture and uneven moisture in the paper at the time of exposure.
> Best Wishes,
> Mark Nelson
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