[alt-photo] Re: Your Approach to Making Negs for Platinum Printing? Ideal Negative Contrast and Dmax?

joe jazoti at optonline.net
Sat Oct 8 19:58:31 GMT 2011

Greetings Francesco,

I have been working  ,to make negs of  1.8 or thereabouts, for the purpose 
of making kallitypes. Using lith negs and dektol. and a densitomer. It is
quite frustrating,to make a neg from a 4x5 original, and have to go thru 8 
or 10 positives, then the same number of  negatives.Perhaps an advanced
printer such as yourself, can lead me in the right direction. I'll be 
interested in the replies.
joe azoti

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Subject: [alt-photo] Your Approach to Making Negs for Platinum Printing? 
Ideal Negative Contrast and Dmax?

> Hi all,
> Some of you may have touched on this in conversations in the past but I've
> tried searching archives and can't find specifically the discussion I'm
> looking for. There is also a lot on the Internet which broadly discusses
> making negatives for platinum but I haven't found any source for my 
> specific
> interests. I've always been a silver printer and am very acclimated to
> making ideal negatives for how I print in silver gelatin. Now that I'm
> venturing fairly aggressively into platinum, I'm very interested in 
> hearing
> how you all approach making your negatives for platinum. I'm speaking
> specifically about in-camera negatives (no digital negs or other processes
> here). Achieving the ideal contrast for platinum is what I'm interested 
> in.
> For silver, a negative with a contrast range of around 3.5 stops will 
> print
> well on a grade 2 filter or paper. There is also a ideal negative dmax 
> that
> some people use as a standard to shoot for but I'm not sure what that 
> number
> is. As I understand it, platinum calls for greater contrast to take
> advantage of the longer tonal range of the platinum process. I've heard 
> many
> approaches for achieving this but I'd like to hear from those of you here.
> Some specific questions I'm very interested in knowing answers to include;
> is there an ideal contrast range that you are shooting for with your
> platinum negs and is there an established ideal dmax for platinum negs?
> Thanks in advance for the insight.
> -Francesco
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