[alt-photo] back again

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 14:04:43 GMT 2011

hi all,

I used to be on the old alt-photo-process-list at usask.ca long time, 
but when the list moved here, didn't subscribe until now.

Finally I was able to find potassium dichromate and started doing casein 
and temperaprints. I've succeed doing some temperaprints according to 
late Peter Fredrick's method. Don't have any yupo, so I've used 
watercolour paper with gesso. I won't try to do multi coatings, until 
even a single coat works. How long does a dry unexposed temperaprint last?

Also I've been trying casein prints, but I get very bad lines when 
developing a soaked print with foam brush. Probably because of 
not-so-even coating.  I've tried watercolour paper sized with diluted 
gesso and just plain paper. Both show the lines. Then I tried to smooth 
the mixture after brushing with foam roller, but the roller leaves also 
some marks.

Arabic gum I can't find from any Finnish art stores, also the PVA-glues 
are hard to find, every glue is PVAc, which won't work. That's why I'm 
doing casein and temperaprints, eggs and milk are very much easier to 

I'm using oiled paper negatives made with Epson Photo Quality Inkjet 
paper, as I can go larger than A4. I found Agfa Copyjet in A3 size, but 
that's too expensive for me.

Any ideas?


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