[alt-photo] Re: Best Method for Bonding Paper to Aluminum and Similar Rigid Surfaces

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Fri Sep 2 01:34:43 GMT 2011

I drymount onto aluminum sheets with this product, and it works like a charm


On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Francesco Fragomeni
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> Hi all. I'll be working with some multiple printing techniques coming up
> soon and I wondering what the best methods are for gluing paper to aluminum
> sheet (or perspex or acrylic sheet and other rigid surfaces). I posted this
> question on APUG.org and a member messaged me and recommended that I join
> this group and ask here. I've also searched the group archives but haven't
> been unable to find much in detail on this (addmitedly I'm not familiar
> with
> searching list archives).
> I have lots of information referring to Irving Penn bonding paper to
> aluminum sheet using a few different materials. Also, I've watched the
> videos on Vedos where they show a gum bichromate printer using diluted PVAc
> adhesive. The problem with these videos is that they dont give any insight
> into how to properly remove the paper from the aluminum sheet when the
> printing is done.
> For those using PVAc adhesive to bond paper to aluminum, how do you go
> about
> seperating the paper from the aluminum when you are done printing?
> If not using PVAc adhesive, what adhesive are you using?
> I've read that one of the Penn techniques was to drymount the paper to the
> aluminum sheet in a dry mount press which could then be seperated from the
> aluminum sheet when he was done by reheating it in the press. Thoughts on
> this? Fusion 4000 and Beva have been recomended to me on APUG.org as
> archival bonding materials that can be used with a dry mounting press. Do
> any of you have experiences with these?
> Are those of you who are using these bonding techniques using aluminum or
> other rigid materials? I am in need of a rigid material that I can punch
> for
> registration purposes and aluminum seems the best option so far. Any
> insight?
> Thank you in advance for your help!
> Best,
> Francesco Fragomeni
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