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I obtained my aluminum from a graphics-arts/printing supply business in
Chicago which is now closed.  The aluminum was intended to be used to hold
ink in printing presses, a system that has been largely replaced by
direct-from-computer presses.  The metal is quite heavy, so I would suggest
contacting local printers and scrap vendors.  I use all kinds of
thicknesses, and the most recent box I'm cutting up is .012".  Hope this


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> Hello Keith,
> What is the thickness of the aluminum sheet you use? Can you suggest a
> vendor?
> Thank you,
> Harlan
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> I leave many of mine permanently on aluminum.  In the unlikely chance that
> I
> actually SELL something, I remove it and drymount it onto matte board.  But
> as the matte board is
> more expensive, I prefer the aluminum!
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