[alt-photo] Re: printer weirdness

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Thu Sep 29 09:36:28 GMT 2011

> I must have something set wrong because the printer is printing a pale
> blue surrounding the image.  The image file is only 3"x4" and the
> maximum printing area around it on the letter-sized paper has this
> blue tint with a paper-white margin.  This is happening with two
> different computers networked to the printer.

Hi Joe,

This blue border has nothing to do with the miscommunication between some incarnations of Snow Leopard and Photoshop and Epson driver. These problems might result in a too dark print or a (magenta) color cast in the colormanaged output. Upgrading drivers and/or a clean install might help here. At least it solved the problem of too dark prints on my 3800. And I can confirm that after upgrading to MacOS 10.7 lion and the new lion compatible epson drivers all printing is as it should be. Printing targets for profiling  you can do with this: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/834/cpsid_83497.html

Now for the blue border. For some strange reason Snow Leopard prints this border with type 4 ICC profiles and not with type 2. If you make your own profiles you can set this type 2 as the prefered output format in your (ColorMunki) preferences.

Did you check also the standard epson prpfiles? These are type 2 as far as I know and should print whitout this border.


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