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that's as bad as Facebook stripping Metadata. and yet one more reason why
I've processed my own film when ever possible. I think I'll open a
restaurant and have a receipt that says, now that you've eaten at my place,
I will always be a part of you, and as such, I'll periodically draw from the
credit card you used to pay for your meal. I have a long term investment in
your future earnings. 

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Wow!  That sucks !!!!

Mark Nelson
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On Apr 3, 2012, at 10:02 AM, jason at lucidperceptions.com wrote:

> I've told my students to avoid Wal-mart for several years for photo
> processing - but rather than because of poor equipment, I've told them to
> avoid them because of their processing agreement you have to sign.
> If you read the fine print on any film processing form through Wal-mart,
> they reserve the right to save your work and reprint it for any purpose -
> even commercial use.  Their form also says that they retain the
> photographical rights to your work and that if your work looks "too
> professional" that they reserve the right to refuse to serve you as a
> customer.
> Granted, I can't reference any photographers I know who have had their
> work stolen by Wal-mart, but any film processing form with that sort of
> fine print is one to avoid.
> J. Jason Lazarus
> Adjunct Instructor
> University of Alaska - Fairbanks
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