[alt-photo] Re: Fumed Silica, Simili Japon and pure platinum printing

Robert Hall robert.g.hall at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 14:36:18 GMT 2012

The more I use it the more I see a couple of things.

One, a smooth coat of the Fumed Silica makes a big difference in how the
final print looks, with or without streaking. Sometimes I find that it has
kind of a wabi sabi kind of look to it.

And two, the paper has something to do with the final image in dmax and

As a good friend told me, I would find that it is not for every image, and
I would agree. But it is fabulous on many.

I would also agree that the pt does print just a bit faster.

BTW, Dana sent me a sample of the Fumed Aluminum and find that with a hot
potassium oxalate it does little on Platine to cool the image. Since I am
happy with the results I am getting, I will have to be a bit less busy in
the darkroom to do much more testing.

Robert Hall

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