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Greg Mikol greg.mikol at ieee.org
Thu Apr 19 16:38:25 GMT 2012

Yes, the Freestyle "house brand" is "Arista II Inkjet OHP Transparency 

The manufacturer claims Pictorico Ultra can hold 25% more ink than the 
Premium. But like I said, I personally have never hit the ink limit for 
Pictorico Premium, so I've never felt like I needed a product that holds 
more ink.

Don't have any experience with the lumijet film.


> Do you mean the freestyle brand?What is the main difference between
> the TPU-100 and TPS-100?Is there a name called lumijet or something
> like that I recall?Thanks.Pierre
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>> [alt-photo] Re: film substrate
>>> On 4/18/2012 11:55 AM, Globe Trotteur wrote:
>>>> with my silver process, i use costco glossy paper. i would like
>>>> to try a film substrate instead for less opacity. i know of
>>>> pictorico but it is expensive. What are the alternatives in
>>>> the US?ThanksPierre
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>>> Pierrre,
>>> Freestyle Photo has a comparable product that is less expensive.
>>> Don Bryant
>> You know...everybody says this, but it's basically a wash.
>> Right now, Arista II film is $20 for 20 sheets 8.5x11. Pictorico
>> Premium (TPU-100) is $17.50 at B&H for 20 sheets. Pictorico Ultra
>> (TPS-100) is $22.
>> But I've never had any problems getting enough density using the
>> Pictorico Premium, so for me, the pictorico is cheaper than the
>> Arista OHP.
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