[alt-photo] Re: instant films (specifically Fuji fp-3000b)

Ryuji Suzuki rs at silvergrain.org
Sun Apr 22 19:35:24 GMT 2012

francis schanberger wrote:

> What was the news this week to which you referred?

Instagram (interweb gimmick to fake Polaroid feel) sold to Facebook for $1 billion.

I'm thinking about a fun project to show in the next open studio in Fort Point 
district of Boston, coming next month. The spring open studio is more 
"demonstration" oriented or interactive theme rather than fall one, which is 
more visual art. I wasn't really planning to do anything, but this thing made me 
think a bit. I'm thinking about buying many boxes of FP-100C and FP-3000B and 
give out one polaroid portrait for free to first 100 people who stop by my 
studio. After 100 people, or if they want second picture or any specific 
stylistic request they are asked to pay what they can. I might make color 
portrait free and b&w for "pay what you can." I'm not planning to make my time's 
worth of money but at least I probably don't lose... the biggest risk is not 
using up all the film I stock up, but fiscal loss is limited to that. On the 
other hand, what other form of effective advertising one can buy for less than 
thousand bucks? (the open studio crowd is not really my target market, but good 
enough for a marketing experiment.)

This leads to another question... Do FP-100C and FP-3000B print bases accept 
stamp ink well? What about stickers?

I'm trying to use real push pins and real instant film to cover the wall of my 
studio, along with some medium format b&w contact prints, and brainstorming what 
I can do to show how one can use instant films the way they can't instagram. 
I'll try if USPS delivers a print as a postcard, and if so, how many scratches 
and barcodes they put on it... I kinda feel this is of the high school project 
level but the whole society seems to be moving to that direction...

Ryuji Suzuki
"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." (Miles Davis)

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