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Hi Chris:
Having lived in New Mexico now for over five years, I'm going to take a  
poke a at your questions.
The Zia, or sun symbol, is as ubiquitous to New Mexico and it's people  as 
oranges are to Florida, movies to California or the Yankees to New  Yorkers. 
 It's everywhere, from the state flag, to my drivers license to  nik-nak's 
sold at tourist traps.  To call the process the Ziatype  (referring to solar 
printing out) is no big deal, not politically incorrect and  an insult or 
affront to no one. 
I believe the process was always a subset of the more widely practiced  
'regular' platinum/palladium develop out process.  It was, I believe, more  for 
people who had negs for more conventional silver printing who wanted to see 
 them in platinum.
As to the book, books come in and out of print all the time.  I  believe 
Carl Weese actually printed that one, not B&S.  I would look to  him for 
Finally, as to the chemicals, 505/474-0890 and ask Leah or Dana.  I  really 
don't know.
All the best
Joe Sarff
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zphoto at montana.net writes:

Dear  All,

Over the last five months I have managed to slug through all the  archived 
emails from the list's inception. There's not much on Ziatype in  
there...I've got only about 10 collated pages of notes on ziatype out of 750pp  all 

I went to B and S and see that the book on it is no longer  available, and 
it was called The New Platinum Print.

I noticed in the  archives there was some grumbling about the name 
"ziatype" as being  inappropriate, using the name of a deity in the Native American 
religion to  describe a process seemed to be the argument, though "Zia" 
means sun is the  other side of the argument. This was before I got on the list 
so I wasn't  aware of this discussion from 99 on.

Is that argument still valid or  merely usual list grumbling?

Is the process widely practiced or more or  less a sort of..."subset"...of 

Is there no longer a book  available on the process, really?

I notice B and S still sells all the  chemistry so it must be being used by 

Any thoughts are  appreciated.


Christina Z.  Anderson

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