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Congrats !!! 176 pages  !!! Did you scan your palladium prints or did you 
just scan your negs for the book.
I am wondering.


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            Please forgive my enthusiasm but FINALLY my book, BARBADOS
CHATTEL HOUSES, is available via Amazon.com.  I am disappointed by Amazon’s
thumbnail of the cover but I guess I can’t get everything.  Please recall
that I shot over 100 chattel houses with 8X10 Tri-X and developed them in
PMK.  I scanned the negs and did all the Photoshop myself to create the CMYK
Tiff files that went to the printer.  All images in the book are available
as platinum-palladium prints; 8X10 image on 11X14 paper, 11X14 image on
16X20 paper, and 15X19 image on 20X24 paper, all COT 320.

            Here is the link:
ition=all> &condition=all



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