[alt-photo] old photo paper?

Diana Bloomfield dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 16 16:22:45 GMT 2012

I can't now remember who was asking about this in recent months-- but somebody asked if anyone had any old unopened commercial photo paper-- or did I imagine that?  If I didn't, and somebody wants any of that-- I've been cleaning out my old darkroom-- and I came across a packets of paper (including Ektalure and Ilford), unopened and all in a room in the house -- for years-- but never in a hot attic or anything.  I was just gonna donate it to a school, but then I remembered someone was asking about this on here, or so I thought.  Anyway . . . if anyone wants it, I can send it to you.  Just let me know.  I'm also, finally, disposing of my Beseler 45MX enlarger, with 3 pristine Nikkor lenses.  Sadly, I called a few camera stores that sell used equipment, and they said they don't take enlargers now, because no one buys them anymore.  They told me my best bet was to donate it to a school, so I'd at least get a good tax write-off (more than someone would pay for it).  Wow-- that seems kind of sad-- but I did find a school that wants it, so at least it's not going to a dumpster. 

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