[alt-photo] 3 gum curve for imagesetter negatives

John Howington khefa.wiley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 02:06:17 GMT 2012

This is my first post to the forum apologies if this has been debated and

 I recently decided to try out negatives from an imagesetter for my 3 gum
printing, and luckily I found Delta Graphics is located in my neighborhood
to make them for me. Andy from Delta said that he has printed similar negs
for other photographers, but before I send my files,  I’m wondering about
the standard curve that should be applied to the negative image for proper
3 gum printing. Thanks to Christina Z. I understand the basic need for
curves while using and inkjet to print a digital negatives but am unsure of
how it translates to negatives from an imagesetter.  Does anyone out there
in Alt Photo Land have suggestions for a curve using the imagesetting

thanks in advance

John Wiley Howington

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