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I can answer that one: a tintype developer for liquid emulsion needs to essentially fog the gelatin silver layer so it is brownish/yellowish and shows up on the black plate. Thus the addition of fixer to the developer. It still requires fixing.

I figured out a recipe that would use dektol, sodium sulfate, and ammonium thiocyanate but am not quite sure whether the proportions have to be within an exact gram amount or not.

Christina Z. Anderson

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> Interesting, Christina
> The formula almost looks like a Monobath developer, itcontains jut one developing agent as well as a moderate amount of hypo (fixer), I guess not sufficient for proper fixing, but might have an effect on the silver atoms shape..Richard chime in please..;-)..
> Best,
> Cor
>> This, too, from 2002 which I wish I would have come across before I
>> finished the Experimental Book. So far, the only tintype developer
>> (meaning, for liquid emulsion tintype or modern tintype) game in town is
>> Rockland.
>> Having donme some Tintypes I did use sheets of black anodized aluminum of
>> a
>> thickness of 0.2mm. You can buy them at suppliers for sheet metal.
>> Because many developers reduce to dark metallic silver you would need for
>> Tintypes one which reduces to more bright metallic silver. Otherwise you
>> would not get a contrasty positiv image.
>> Here this formula:
>> Water ca. 50 C 600ml
>> Hydrochinon 10g
>> Sodiumsulfit sicc. 80g
>> Sodiumcarbonat mono 80g
>> Sodiumthiosulfat 80g
>> Ammonia 60ml
>> add cold water to make 800ml
>> for more contrast add ammonia.
>> 2-5 min inspection development under red light until higlights and
>> halftones
>> are well out. Short rising, then fixing.
>> In »Cassel´s Cyclopaedie of Photography« I found, that you can make this
>> »dry tintype« more similar to the original wet collodium tintype by
>> varnishing it.
>> Burkhardt Kiegeland
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