[alt-photo] Re: Michael Wesely's work (was reciprocity failure)

Mary gneissgirl at spamcop.net
Sat Jan 21 00:36:29 GMT 2012


Neither had I (heard of Wesely's work)! Wow, fantastic stuff!
One of the links I followed in my google search led me to an interview 
with him, where I think he mentioned using neutral-density filters to 
control the exposures. Sorry I can't provide the URL right now, but 
maybe I can find it if I poke around again.


On 1/20/2012 3:32 PM, Charles Ryberg wrote:
> Folks:  Till this thread I had not known of Wesely's photos.  Google 
> got me to some very nice images.  I have to say that to me, these 
> can't possibly be straight one-year-exposure pinholes.  While I'm 
> hardly an expert on pinhole photos, I get exposures of a few seconds 
> with 400 ISO film.  Even with enlarging paper a few hours is enough.
> Perhaps Wesely had some kind of time-lapse on his pinhole?  Perhaps he 
> used a very strong filter?????

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