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Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Tue Jul 10 14:01:47 GMT 2012

Thanks, Peter, Joe, and Keith.

Not many doing casein. Hmmm..

There used to be a Rosae Reeder, a Guido Ceppens on the list, and another, I think, Charles Greiner, but it seems only a handful still.

I'm on spotty internet here, a connection from somewhere in the neighborhood ethers and not in my house, so if I take long to answer that's why.


Christina Z. Anderson

On Jul 10, 2012, at 9:39 AM, Peter Blackburn wrote:

> I learned about casein from Langford's book back in 1988 and started working with it immediately but was never satisfied with my results from that "recipe." It wasn't until AKD sizing appeared in art papers in the late 1990s and the web matured enough to make finding information easier that I explored casein from other perspectives. It was in 2004 that I finally hit on the casein mixture that I still use today with great relish. By the way, I'll be officially announcing here in a few days (as soon as the gallery has a link ready) an alternative photographic print exhibition to start here in Dallas starting July 21. It is a group exhibition featuring nine artists of which I am one.  I'll have three tricolor casein prints and one tricolor gum bichromate print in the show. My understanding is that this same show will continue on later this year at the Visual Arts Center in Starkville, MS during the same time as the SPE conference. More later.  Cheers to all! Peter J. Blackburn
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>> Subject: [alt-photo] casein history
>> Dear Casein Printers,
>> I hope this is OK to ask on the list.
>> I am interested in some historical information for a casein timeline. 
>> Where did you first read about it? What year? Who taught you? Are you continuing to do the process?
>> I know there are a few of you out there. Peter Blackburn, I think you said you read Langford's book. What year was that and where?
>> Even if you just tried it and abandoned it, that's fine.
>> If you want to email me offlist because this isn't a list convo, that's fine, too.
>> I'm just trying to get a sense of its more modern presence.
>> Also, Marek, you were talking about Fresson maybe containing casein. The amount of casein/gelatin I have come across is 10-30% casein to gelatin. Have you tried it yet?
>> Chris
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