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Peter Friedrichsen pfriedrichsen at sympatico.ca
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 From what I understand, the dichromates shift to chromates as they 
are made more alkaline (from your ammonia) and these salts are less 
reactive especially in the higher pH. That may explain the lessened 
dark reaction.

Peter Friedrichsen

At 12:58 PM 13/07/2012, you wrote:

>Chris,I have not tried this approach yet, my bag of sawdust went 
>missing. On the other hand I have been making some prints, mostly 
>monochrome for about a year now. I have also made some prints from 
>the one year old casein solutiojn, actually it was more then a year 
>old. Works just fine. It is interesting that the first solution that 
>I ever made turned to be the best recipe.Another interesting tidbit 
>is that I have exposed and developed one day old paper checking for 
>the signs of dark reaction and found none. There is one more piece 
>from that batch that I will let sit for perhaps another day or two 
>before exposing and developing. As to your other questions I read 
>the PF article years back, but did not think of it much at the time 
>(in terms of my own interest). I only got interested in it last year 
>with the posts on the list.
> >
> > Also, Marek, you were talking about Fresson maybe containing 
> casein. The amount of casein/gelatin I have come across is 10-30% 
> casein to gelatin. Have you tried it yet?
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> > Chris
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