[alt-photo] Re: European distributor for Aerosil (fumed silica dioxide)

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Thu Mar 1 14:36:18 GMT 2012


I just had some time to review the document. I guess the statement
"...Manufacturers of ink-receiving coating formulations typically use
water-based formulations of 20-40% total solids content to coat the
substrates for inkjet applications..." at page 3 provides a good
starting point for formulating(!) a silica fume dispersion(?) for wet
application... Thanks!


1 Mart 2012 12:12 tarihinde Stane Kočar <stane.kocar at siol.net> yazdı:
> There is plenty of informations from the other producer, maybe some useful
> (I hope so):
> lets say:
> http://www.cabot-corp.com/wcm/download/en-us/fs/FMO-IJM.Guide-04-04-E.pdf

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