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John Brewer john at johnbrewerphotography.com
Fri Mar 2 19:21:06 GMT 2012

Thanks Chris, I'll be definitely be trying it. 65LB/96gsm is pretty
lightweight, how are the prints when dry? Are the fairly flat or easy to
flatten?  For UK alters it's available on Amazon.co.uk


On 2 March 2012 17:43, Mary <gneissgirl at spamcop.net> wrote:

> Thanks for this, Chris. I'll be leading a one-day workshop on "scanotypes"
> in early May at a local printmaking studio here in Boise, Wingtip Press.
> We'll be scanning stuff, making digital negatives from the scans, and
> printing cyanotypes. At least that's the plan. Hoping it's not too much for
> one day....
> We'll provide various papers and fabrics to print on during the workshop,
> and participants often ask for suggestions of good papers to use for
> cyanotype. This sounds like a great option for both in-class and after.
> Can't beat the price!
> Thanks again for the tip!
> Mary
> On 3/2/2012 8:46 AM, Christina Anderson wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Still testing papers for cyanotype, 8 more yesterday with another 8 or so
>> to go, but I found one which is an absolute must for teaching because of
>> its cost, URL below. It is available at Freestyle for--get this--$9 for 100
>> sheets (plus shipping) for 11x14. It is quite white, quite smooth, prints
>> cyanotype very well, Traditional formula 1:1 is about a 7.5 to a 9.5 minute
>> exposure time if under a Pictorico negative. Temp in darkroom 72, humidity
>> 30%.
>> It is apparently Crob Art (?) in Europe so altees there would already
>> know about it under a different name.
>> http://freestylephoto.biz/**702193-Canson-Universal-**
>> Sketch-Pad-Uncoated-Paper-for-**Alternative-Process<http://freestylephoto.biz/702193-Canson-Universal-Sketch-Pad-Uncoated-Paper-for-Alternative-Process>
>> I usually have them start on Weston for cyanotype because it is so cheap
>> and really a nice paper for its cost (hard to do a two layer process
>> though), somewhere around $2 for a very large sheet over 22x30. So you
>> understand why I am excited about the above. Heck, I could sport for a $10
>> pad for the entire class and each student could do 5 prints for around 50
>> cents!
>> It is very thin so I was skeptical, but is actually quite sturdy when dry.
>> I will be testing it as well with argyrotype and pt/pd but that is down
>> the road. If it works for those processes, then I can see requiring one pad
>> for each student for the semester, but we'll see...anyone already use it
>> for these processes?
>> Also, tested Canson Opalux Vellum also from Freestyle now, and that would
>> be about a 6 minute exposure time, same everything Traditional. It is a
>> VERY thick vellum, about twice as thick as a Vidalon. See thru. Quite
>> translucent as you can read text through it except through darkest cyano
>> steps.
>> Disclaimer: I am on the Freestyle Educational Advisory Board but in no
>> way do I get paid or get kickbacks or whatever. But I sure do get excited
>> when they decide to carry alt supplies...
>> Chris
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