[alt-photo] Re: Development By Inspection Methods

Ken Sinclair photo1 at telusplanet.net
Thu Mar 8 02:58:41 GMT 2012

On 7-Mar-12, at 6:12 PM, Francesco Fragomeni wrote:

> Hi all,
> [snip)
> Anyway, I am very curious about other DBI methods but I've been  
> unable to
> find much information on the web and in the forums. I know that  
> there are
> still some people who DBI using a dark green Wratten safelight.



I 'got into' trying DBI about 35 years ago using Pinakryptol Green  
pre-development bath
with occasional 'second half of development time' of observation with  
green safelight
during tray development....  a practice recommended by a friend

I (personally) was not convinced that it was worth the trouble.. the  
$ cost... and gave it up
up after finding that 'my film speed' of the film was reduced by just  
over half.

But...  since then, I have on a few but rare occasions used short  
green-safelight inspection
of film observing the back of the film (without any Pinakryptol pre- 
development soaking)
but again... only after at least half development time has passed.

By the same token... I have not tried Pinakryptol yellow.


Quando omni flunkus moritati (R. Green)

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