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This is EXACTLY my experience, and with that paper. I have been 
testing, as you know, about 20-30 papers with cyano and then argyro 
and then pt/pd.
The Arches Hot Press did that pink/beige thing. Pinkish when wet, then 
dried to tan. It was different than what I saw on Buxton not clearing, 
which was yellow. I solved the Buxton issue with citric acid in my 
water, several TB in a couple liters. I did not solve the Arches 
problem. It dried ugly pale tan.

I have a picture of Aquarelle, another paper, here:


It is a standardized test of 15 minutes, way over what Ware's requires 
(trying to compare 15mn Ware's vs. Traditional) and so my guess is, 
though I have not yet gone back and tried it, that the tan could 
disappear with a shorter exposure but maybe not. If it doesn't 
disappear with shorter exposure or fresher mix, I will cross that 
paper off as suitable.

Did you buy Ware's cyanotype already mixed from Fotospeed or mix your 
own? I have found a difference between the Fotospeed premixed and my 
own mix. It could be the Fotospeed is old. But if you are using your 
homemade brew then all bets are off. I have not gone back to using my 
homemade on every paper yet to see if the tan problem is the premixed 
stuff's problem or the paper problem.


On Friday 03/09/2012 at 4:07 pm, Dianna Rust  wrote:
> Dear List
> I know this seems to have come up a lot , especially recently, but I 
> don't recall seeing any mention of using Arches Hot Press, natural 
> white, 140 lbs.
> I am working with Mike Ware's new cyanotype using Arches Hot Press.   
> I have been concerned that my highlights are a little pink/beige - 
> maybe a shade darker than the paper base, which is certainly far from 
> bright white.   I like the way the images look - especially compared 
> with either Buxton (fast but very contrasty) or Platine (just too much 
> blue all over), but wonder if there is a problem with clearing and 
> whether the photographs may be fugitive/will deteriorate at some 
> point.  I use a drop or two of citric acid in the emulsion, mixed in 
> just before using it, and I wash my prints, gently, for 20 minutes 
> (well water - no chlorine).
> Previously, I had been using Fabriano Aristico and had been very 
> pleased with it, till I switched to a new batch of paper.   I realized 
> that the old paper was at least 15 years old! and the new sheets just 
> didn't produce the same or consistent results.
> Does anyone have any advice to offer on this, please?
> With apologies for causing repetitions!
> Dianna
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