[alt-photo] Re: new cyanotype and paper question

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Tue Mar 13 12:12:49 GMT 2012

> Could the heavier paper require more acidification than the thinner?

Not in my case. I used both without any acidification, and the heavier 
worked best than the lighter. This is why I believe it may be a different 

>>> ... I have no explanation for why the heavier Arches HP would affect the print quality, but it has consistently flattened the image for me. 
>> It happened the contrary for me with trad. Fabriano Artistico rough: deep blue without bleeding with 600 g/m2, heavy bleeding and staining with 300 g/m2 despite the acidic washing.
>> I think it is a matter of sizing and how the solution is absorbed by the paper. 


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