[alt-photo] Selling Off My Historical Photography Books

eric nelson emanphoto at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 16:27:27 GMT 2012

I'm selling some of my historical photography books.  A lot of these can be
found online either for sale from Amazon or free from some source, but if
one appreciates holding the original item rather than a Kindle or laptop,
I've got them.  The free sources can certainly help give one a preview.
 All prices are + sh

*The American Annual of Photography 1914* - Missing back cover.  Has a
sample of "Chemically Pure "Standard" Blotter" which I found interesting!  *
Contents page.

*Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography  Wilson 1887*  My baby :(  A lot
of information in this book.  *$100*
Inside shot.

*The Chemistry of Photography  Raphael Meldola 1913  $30*
Preview here or buy a new reprint if you like.
My copy.

*Photography and Platemaking for Photo-lithography by Irene Harvey Sayre
 1959*  *$20*
Stamped on the inside "Property of The Frederick Post Company" which is an
interesting company to google.

*The Photo-miniature, Volume 4 No. 40 Platinotype Modifications  July 1902
You can get the whole series for free here as well.
My Copy.

*Elementary Photographic Chemistry by Eastman Kodak Company 1934* *$9*

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