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Looking at the face of my NuArc 26K, the vacuum gauge maxes out at 30 inches
- of mercury. Same for my gauges on my vacuum pumps for my vacuum frames,
ditto for my refrigeration gauges.

If you want to start your vacuum rush you may wish to start reading here:


Then after dinner you can follow up here:


Anyway as a practical matter for printing hydroscopic processes such a Zia
or Pop Palladium, about 5 inches of vacuum will suffice to prevent moisture
draw down. What really helps is to encapsulate the coated substrate in a
sandwich of mylar. 2 mil optical mylar between the film emulsion and the
coated paper surface and a heavier barrier underneath, above anything else
placed on top of the vacuum bed to prevent imprinting of the vacuum bladder

All of this I think, has been oft repeated over the years here on the list
and other places on the net.


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I thought the gauges were in psi and not being in front of mine right now I
can't say otherwise. 

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