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Vedos Projekti vedos at samk.fi
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Rob, thank you very much for this info!


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Jalo et al.,

The most up-to-date source for info. on the happenings in modern daguerreotypy is the following website:

There, you will find individual on-line galleries from 74 modern daguerreotypists (myself included), although only a small fraction of us make daguerreotypes on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, there isn't a section on cdags.org that lists where modern daguerreotypes are currently being exhibited, or which dealers in a particular city have them for sale.  It would be a good idea if they had such a section, and I'm going to suggest to the cdags.org list owners that they start one.

Most fine art photography dealers aren't keen on daguerreotypes (a subject for another time) so you won't find very many dealers that have them.  Alex Novak (http://www.vintageworks.net/) from Chalfont, PA is the exception to the rule and represents several modern daguerreians.

My gallery in Buffalo, NY has a permanent exhibit space for daguerreotypes (mine and vintage examples) and is probably the first permanent space dedicated exclusively to the daguerreotype in over 130 years.

Daguerreian Regards,
Rob McElroy
Contemporary daguerreotypist
Buffalo, NY

On May 5, 2012, at 6:31 AM, Vedos Projekti wrote:

> Hi,
> I know this is a topic that comes up every now and then... a while back there was a discussion on what to see in NYC... galleries and museums in general. Does anyone happen to know what is up right now in the field of alternative processes?
> I will be staying in NYC for the next 2 weeks, and especially interested in seeing modern daguerreotypes (and other alt stuff too).
> -Jalo

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