[Alt-photo] Re: OFF TOPIC: Betterscan Epson V Series Dual MF filmholder + ANR Insert

Jean Daubas jean.daubas at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 13 08:21:08 UTC 2013

Hi Loris,

Yes, Doug Fisher is still very active. There is a very interesting Yahoo 
Group named "Epson scanners" completely dedicated to all sorts of issues, 
questions about the Epson scanners and I read Doug's last post on that list 
on July 27th.
By the way, in this group scanning negatives has been often discussed and it 
happened that Betterscanning solutions were mentioned.

I quote here one post about it :

> For top-notch filmholders, get one of Doug's at
> http://www.BetterScanning.com/ You won't be disappointed. I had one
> for my 4870, and currently use one for my V700, and scans from each using
> the holders rival the best done anywhere.
> eric perkins

Hope it helps,
Alternative cheers from France,

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Hi all,

Not exactly the right place to ask but is there anyone using Betterscan
Epson V Series Dual MF film holder + ANR Insert products? (I think there
were a couple of users of this product here...)

I just purchased an Epson V700 scanner (my 9 years old Epson 2400 died last
week) and I'm not completely happy with its standard MF film holder; gives
a hard time with curled MF film. (Probably since I use a tanning developer,
I experience more film curling than I would like to have...)

1. Is Betterscan / Doug Fisher still active?
2. Do you recommend the products mentioned above?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. You may choose to reply in private if you think the subject is far too
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