[Alt-photo] 365 nm. UV_Densitometer. Part 7 of 7

Erich Camerling e.camerling at tiscali.nl
Wed Dec 11 14:56:18 UTC 2013


At this moment I only can give some tips when you want to print an Eagle 
Suppose you receive the Eagle file : clock factory.brd (Dutch name : 
Open the file in Eagle.You will see the print-drawing and all the parts 
and even red lines
(through connections you have to make before you start putting the parts 
on the print).
On the left side on the monitor screen there is a white vertical file 
with a lot of symbols.
Top-left you  see an *i *(info) and just below that are the "layer 
settings". Click on that
symbol and you will get the "display ".
On this display you will see : Layers
                                                     Nr          Name
The " Nr "  file on the left is sometimes blue and sometimes white.When 
you click on
a number the colour will change . For making a print-drawing you must 
change all the
numbers to white EXCEPT nr. 16 , 17 and 18 !!! .They must be BLUE.
Then click  OK and you will only see the print-drawing.
1) After that click on "File" (top-left),
                                                 -choose the printer
                                                    -the paper 
size       (I use A4)
                                                      - the 
orientation        (I use Landscape)
-alignment                (I use Centre)
-area                   (I use Full)
                                                       Set preview ON
Then you can see where the print is on the paper. Experiment with other 
Start with scale-factor = 1. Then you get the exact size for making the 
Try printing on paper (cheap) and when all is okay print on film.( see : 
yourself means: 5 )
Later you can change the factor , I sometimes use 2 or 2.8 or even 3x.
A higher scale-factor you can use for a personal-use-print on paper.But 
don't make
the factor too high , the drawing must fit on an A4 . (or on an A3 when 
you have such
a printer )
After that you must change all the numbers to white EXCEPT  nr. 20 , 21 
and 25 ,
they must be BLUE. Then click OK and you will see all the parts .
Repeat  1)   with the same settings and after printing on film you can 
put the film
on top of the other  and see where the parts must be placed on the print

To be continued when I receive serious questions about the 365 
I didn't tell you before.
So good luck when you start building this meter.

Kind regards,

Erich Camerling

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