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Good Job Kee's


Andy Schmitt

Head of Photography, Peters Valley School of Craft

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Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed the list outage yesterday and today. The reason
for this was the migration of the altphotolist.org domain to new server
hardware. I announced this migration some time ago. It was supposed to be
automatic and painless. But actually the migration halted somewhere halfway
and the server was shut down before it had finished. I only found out  that
the list had dissappeared on Saturday morning.

Today, with help of the textdrive.com staff, I have manually re-created the
domain on the new server, and set up a new mailman list. I  just
re-subscribed everybody. If you have posted messages to the list between
friday and now these messages didn't come through. Can you please resend

Diana, can you also please send your message about the Katharine Thayer
exhibit again. It was received by the reborn list before the resubscription
of all members.

Tomorrow I will upload the archives.

Apart from this outage everything stays the same, domain, list address etc.

Let me know if you find something odd somewhere...


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