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I just found a number of Kodak Fixers available from Calumet.  As usual,
because he is famous he feels he can get away with falsities.  Perhaps he is
just ignorant of the facts.  Once again, another who could have profited by
hearing the adage, "Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and
remove all doubt".  And there are other manufacturers who make fixers let
along a number of sources for the reagents to mix your own.  The pure silver
list and all those existing manufacturers are living proof that he is wrong.
Further, because many people practicing Frotoshop are techies first and
artists second, if at all, they are NOT using it to go anywhere new...they
are thrilled that their photos look like the "masters" they have seen.  Just
a new version of the serious amateur's fixation (pun intended) on making
Ansel Adams silver gelatin prints.  
A tool is a tool:  amazing in the hands of a true artist and mundane in the
hands of...let's say less talented practitioners.

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"David Hockney: Photoshop is boring"

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