[Alt-photo] Re: Video: "David Hockney: Photoshop is boring"

G Schmitz coldbay1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 18:32:41 UTC 2013

I agree with Hockney.  Also, I think the banal nature of much of what 
created is not, I think, limited to advertising and commercial 
photography/illustration.  I think the work of Marshall McLuhan focusing 
on the impact of the "carrier" is particularly relevant.  And that at 
least part of the attraction to hand crafted "post factory" processes.


On 3/26/13 12:24 AM, Evan J Hughes wrote:
> The sad reality is that the vast proportion of photoshop processed 
> pictures are generated for advertising purposes; the products they are 
> advertising must be selling well, so they keep on using the same style 
> of pictures. If their products were not selling, they would keep 
> changing their advertising strategy until they did find a method that 
> sold the product; they have no compassion towards artists and whatever 
> sells, sells.
> As so much advertising is done using these sterile over processed 
> images, it suggests that many of the advertising companies have been 
> 'influenced by' (read 'have copied') advertising from other products 
> and companies that have sold well in the past and happened to use the 
> type of image that David Hockney was complaining about.
> Photoshop can be a great tool if used well and used subtly; it can 
> also be the equivalent of 'autotune' in the music industry that allows 
> anyone with poor voices to make records that reach the top of the 
> charts, as long as they are willing to accept sounding like Metal 
> Mickey all the time and never singing live.
>    Best regards,
>        Evan

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