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Thu Mar 7 15:33:16 GMT 2013

Wow, Rodolpho, a MONTH to Brazil.

For those of you who have the book, can I mention one errata on p. 27. Step 6 should read: Flatten the image while still a positive if the curve is applied as an adjustment layer or if there are any other layers. Then invert to negative (Image/Adjustments/Invert)." 

Please make a note inside your book with that? Otherwise, if the negative is inverted with the curve layer not flattened into the positive beforehand, it will make a too-pale negative. Thanks to Remko for pointing that out!

I would be shocked if there weren't more erratae. I know of a number of spelling/format errors I left in the book because to change each one is $12 every time, but an errata in formula or procedure is what keeps me awake at night :) Like when my article came out in PhotoTechnique magazine on chromoskedasic and it said to add 25ml Tektol instead of 125ml. Luckily in the directions to mixing the formula it restates it as 70-125 but that made me freak out...a bit. Those pesky little "1s."


Christina Z. Anderson

On Mar 6, 2013, at 4:04 PM, Rodolpho Pajuaba wrote:

> What a big and good surprise I had yesterday when I arrived home and I saw
> my issue of Chris Anderson's book. What a remarkable piece of work!
> Congratulations to you, Chris, and to all artists featured in it. I can
> only regret I'll never have enough time to put in practice all the
> knowledge it contains.
> Thank you!
> Regards from Brazil,
> Rodolpho Pajuaba
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