[Alt-photo] density Pictorico film

Erich Camerling e.camerling at tiscali.nl
Mon Nov 4 08:36:31 UTC 2013

Dear Members,

With my 365 nm UV-Densitometer I measured the optical densities of :

-Colorgate Screenfilm (from 2007 !)  D=0.67.  I ordered a new piece 
because they told me they have a new, better quality (CG Screenfilm) and I
want to measure that ( 0.13 ??)

-Permajet Digital transfer film 165 µ.  D=0.39

-Agfa Copyjet   D=0.28.

But I don't have Mitsubishi Pictorico OHP,premium OHP  nor Pictorica OHP 
Can anybody send me a small piece? (5 x 5 cm) is enough.
I will put the data on the alt-photo site.

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