[Alt-photo] Re: Papers for Palladium

Christina Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 15:07:24 UTC 2013

Hi Catharine,
I have a question about your drop count, though I am not the pt/pd expert on the list.

>> my drop count on a sheet of 81/2 X 11 has been 12, 12, 1 ( palladium, ferric oxalate, and NA2) On a sheet of 11 X 14 I have used 24, 24, 2.

I use 1 drop for every two square inches, so for an 8x10 for instance, I would use 40 drops or 18 18 3 (close enough). Your 25-drop count would make up to a 50 sq. in print; is that the size you are doing on 8.5x11? Like a 5x9 or so?

Using this amount, it takes a while of brushing to move the puddle around evenly and then once it is dispersed and starts looking slightly dull I quit brushing. I use a synthetic brush as well. But the amount I use is a nice amount to not skimp on solution, and I have noticed when students have done a step wedge with that drop count and yet coated a larger area than they should have, the difference in a thinner coat dmax is pretty remarkable.

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