[Alt-photo] Re: Papers for Palladium

Laura V laura at lavatop.com
Wed Nov 6 18:41:00 UTC 2013

Oh that's great to know! I had already ordered the paper (from Daniel 
Smith)...the Rives is 280 gsm (called heavyweight), because I didn't 
realize it was available in 400 weight until I saw Chia's post after I 
had ordered. I used to draw on it, and remember it as nice paper. I got 
the Fabriano hot press - 640 gsm! - which I've used before and loved. I 
didn't like the cold press, but the soft press sounds interesting, 
perhaps I'll give it a try sometime.


On 11/6/13 2:54 PM, Diana Bloomfield wrote:
> Hi Laura,
> I've printed up to 16x16, or 16x20, multiple layers-- with no registration problems.  I bought the BFK Rives heavyweight (300 gsm) 19x26, from Talas in NYC (25 sheets @ $3.22/sheet).  You can also get it at a 26x40 size ($6.30/sheet for 25 to 49 sheets-- goes down in price for more than that).
> I like the Fabriano soft-press very much, for the same reasons (no sizing; no pre-shrinking)-- but I actually like the paper texture of the Rives better.  I was getting my Fabriano soft-press from Jerry's.  It is sized slightly differently (22x30), and a 10-pack of that size is just under $49.  I couldn't seem to find it, online, in 25 sheet packs.  We do have a Jerry's locally, but they don't stock the soft-press.  Anyway--  I think I probably save money on the Rives, too, and I like it better.
> Diana
> On Nov 6, 2013, at 3:36 AM, Laura V wrote:
>> On 11/4/13 3:44 PM, Diana Bloomfield wrote:
>>> As an aside, I had been using Fabriano soft-press for gum printing (no pre-shrinking and no sizing needed), and when Chia mentioned using the heavyweight BFK Rives, I ordered some of that, and really like it, too.  I don't have to do any pre-shrinking or sizing on that paper, either.
>> Hi Diana, what size prints are you talking about? And what weight paper? I'm waiting for an order of both Fabriano and BFK and wondering if I should save a couple of steps too. :) Thanks!
>> Laura
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