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I hope I didn't miss it but I'd love the link to see Nashimaru-san coat &
process..... thank you
Ps.. is the paper available for purchase?


Andy Schmitt

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Just to put this out there. The wonderful papermakers in Ino Town, Japan
with the help of platinum printer Masayuki Nishimaru and photographer Satoru
Yoshioka (as well as his wife Ayako) have created a new paper specifically
for printing platinum and palladium which they are calling Tosahakkinshi aka
Tosa Washi.

It is extremely light weight (30 gsm) which requires a different approach to
coating (brush, no coating rod). There is a video of Nishimaru-san coating
and processing the paper of which I can send a link.

I am organizing a June workshop near Roswell, New Mexico in which I will
demonstrate how to handle this amazing yet challenging paper.

An exhibition of work made on this paper just concluded at the Japanese
Paper Museum in Ino, Japan but should be traveling to Kyotographie (the
international Kyoto Photography Festival).


On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Diana Bloomfield
<dlhbloomfield at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey Laura,
> The Fabriano soft-press does have texture to it (not smooth like the 
> hot-press), but not nearly as textured as the cold-press.  But the 
> soft-press is the only Fabriano that I was able to use with no 
> additional sizing or pre-shrinking.  The others (in my experience)
required that.
> Also, Talas has that Rives heavyweight in 300 gsm, but I've not seen 
> it at 400.  Maybe there's not much difference between 300 and 400 
> (well, you know, except or 100). :)
> Diana
> On Nov 6, 2013, at 1:41 PM, Laura V wrote:
> > Oh that's great to know! I had already ordered the paper (from 
> > Daniel
> Smith)...the Rives is 280 gsm (called heavyweight), because I didn't 
> realize it was available in 400 weight until I saw Chia's post after I 
> had ordered. I used to draw on it, and remember it as nice paper. I 
> got the Fabriano hot press - 640 gsm! - which I've used before and 
> loved. I didn't like the cold press, but the soft press sounds 
> interesting, perhaps I'll give it a try sometime.
> >
> > Laura
> >
> >
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