[Alt-photo] Re: COT 320 AT B&S was Papers for Palladium

Philippe Ayral payral at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 09:02:41 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I like to give a try to Revere Platinum and I can get some from France (300
gsm). It's about two years old. Do you think is from new production or the
old one with some problems ?

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2013/11/4 Diana Bloomfield <dlhbloomfield at gmail.com>

> Hi Bob,
> I do remember all that, and between the time they must have got their act
> together (Bergger, not B&S), I had switched to Revere and never looked
> back.  I do have this friend here who had just started printing in pt/pd,
> and he had a very old supply of COT320 someone had given him, which he used
> and loved.  When he needed more, I told him about my problems, but he loved
> that paper so much, and I guess he thought I was just fabricating issues,
> because he ordered more, and it was from B&S.  He came over to show me the
> results-- it was the same grainy splotchy issues I had experienced.  And
> this was probably less than a year ago.  So I gave him some samples of
> Revere I had, and now that's all he uses.  Really-- it's the most beautiful
> paper I've ever used for that process.  It's a dream to work with, too.
> I do not get the Revere from B&S.  I initially got it from Talas in NYC.
>  I don't actually order anything from B&S anymore-- their shipping costs
> are too high for me,  and I can get most of what I need here on the East
> Coast.  I also have a Jerry's Artarama about 3 miles from me, and an
> excellent art supply store that has all kinds of papers.  I asked them to
> start ordering the Revere for me, too, which they did.  I get my chemicals
> mostly from Artcraft, in NY, so it's a lot faster and cheaper for me to not
> shop at B&S-- although they're very very nice people. :)   Oh-- I've used
> both the lightweight and 300 gsm, and I do prefer the 300 gsm-- just less
> worry in the water.
> Diana
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >            Please recall that you and I had problems with COT 320 at
> about
> > the same time a few years ago.  Before that B&S had problems with Bergger
> > meeting their demands for supply of it.  And you and I had a problem
> getting
> > John Horowy to communicate with us in a way that would solve the
> problems.
> > That was a while ago and both of these issues have been resolved.
> >
> >
> >
> > 1)    Melody must have had a "moment of prayer" with John because B&S
> had an
> > extensive supply of COT 320 in all sizes up until recently.  I just
> checked
> > their website and all the COT 320 seems to be out of stock.again a supply
> > issue!!!  I have e-mailed Melody to ask why this problem again but it is
> > only 6:30 am in Santa Fe.  Though she gets up and starts work early, I
> don't
> > expect a reply until later and will forward the info.
> >
> >
> >
> > 2)    The problems I had back then with COT 320 were resolved and the
> last 4
> > batches of 20X24/25 sheets have been perfect so I would not shy away from
> > it.   And Melody is a lot nicer to deal with regarding any issues with
> the
> > paper!
> >
> >
> >
> > 3)    Which Revere do you use?  The one sold by B&S?  Do you use the
> lighter
> > or heavier paper?  As I like 320 gsm I am assuming I should try the
> Revere
> > 300 gsm, yes?
> >
> >
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