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Robert K Newcomb newcombr at uga.edu
Fri Nov 8 19:53:22 UTC 2013

The leather conditioner called Lexol should work.  Lexol is a brand name and neatsfoot oil is the type of oil in it.   It is a conditioner not something that makes leather just look shiny.  Let it soak in for a day and then wipe/buff.  Repeat as desired.  It will darken the material for a while but eventually lighten back up.
If the bellows need to be replaced, Turner Bellows in Rochester New York will do a good job for less money then some other places.

On Nov 8, 2013, at 2:32 PM, jusdado wrote:

Hello everyone
I am restoring a 1880 camera about and need to know how I can soften the bellows (almond oil, baby oil, paraffin). Today I start building my holder film wood and then start my tests collodion. Tomorrow I will put links to pictures of the restoration process.
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