[Alt-photo] Re: Palladium Exhibit in Dayton, OH

Tim McCoy tim at timothymccoyphoto.com
Sat Nov 16 15:08:08 UTC 2013

Alt-Process Group,

Thanks for your encouragement.

To answer a few questions:

The images are all 16 x 20 on Canson Translucent Vidalon. 

1 Coating: This is obviously crucial. I coat to the edges but not over. Any coating on the back is disastrous. The coating amount is also crucial. Too much will result in very bad wrinkling. You must work fast. Any puddling will result in very bad wrinkling.
2. After coating the paper is held by my assistant (wife) and rotated slowly while I dry the paper with pair of hair dryers.
3. When COMPLETELY dry, the paper is put in my vacuum frame to flatten and then placed under weight until used.
4. Handling the paper during development:  I transfer the fragile Vidalon paper from tray to tray on a heavy Duralar sheet. I never touch the paper!!
5. After development, the Duralar sheet with the paper adhered is put on a slanted board and partially dried with the pair of hair dryers until the paper can be peeled off.
6. The very wet and extremely fragile paper is held by my helper (wife) and rotated periodically while I continue to use the hairdryers until dampish. Speed and even drying is important.
7. Final drying is between blotting paper.
8. Flattening is completed another round in the vacuum frame followed by a heating iron. While the paper is still hot and between the same flattening boards used in the iron, another round flattening in the vacuum frame followed by weight flattening for a couple of days completes the job. 

They are mostly flat, some are completely flat, others retain "charming" wrinkles. I want them flat, although my first encounter with the translucent medium was a show of body parts (mostly hands) with prominent wrinkling. It worked for that purpose.

Hope you find this useful. You can see this palladium portfolio, as well as my albumen portfolio, on my website: www.TimothyMcCoyPhoto.com.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions about my workflow.


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