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Wed Nov 20 10:05:36 UTC 2013

Hi Alberto,

Here you go:

GCPP: Glafkidès, P. Chimie et Physique Photographiques, Paris, Paul Montel, 1976
CTP:  Clerc L. P.: La technique Photographique, Paris, Paul Montel, 1957
NPPP4: Neblette, C. B. Photography it's Principles and Practice New York, 4th ed. 1942
WPFF: Wall & Jordan, Photographic Facts and Formula's, Boston, American Photographic Publis. 1940
CPTP  (without 415):  Clerc L. P., Photography, Theory and Practice New York, Isaac Pitman 1930, an english translation of the 1926 editon of La technique Photographique.
There is no entry for CPTP 415 but numbers often stand for the publication year and or edition, or both. This could be the 1941,  5th edition but that's only a guess.


On 20 nov. 2013, at 10:15, Alberto Novo <alt.list at albertonovo.it> wrote:

> Anyone has "Encyclopedia of Printing, Photographic, and Photomechanical Processes" by Nadeau? I wish to know the meaning of some acronyms he used for his quotes, in particular GCPP, CTP, NPPP4, WPFF, CPTP 415. 
> Alberto

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