[Alt-photo] Re: choice of paper for Pt and gum over Pt prints - wasRe: Re: Replacement paper for Arches Aquarelle

Jorj Bauer jorj at jorj.org
Sun Mar 2 23:30:41 UTC 2014

> Both FA and Rives BFK give good siderotype results after being neutralized
> in a 10% sulfamic bath.
> Just curious to know what you mean from the above statement. Is this a
> reference to Mike Ware's methodology for palladium printing?

The sizing in both of these papers is, as mentioned, a chemical problem for siderotypes of any sort.

I've printed cyanotypes, salt prints, and kallitypes on both papers with great success after switching from oxalic to sulfamic acid pre-treatment of the paper to neutralize the sizing.

(Does that answer your question? If not, elaborate and I'll try again!)

-- Jorj

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