[Alt-photo] Re: UV light box

Charles Ryberg cryberg at comcast.net
Wed Mar 5 22:06:45 UTC 2014

I thought you would get answers from people with more experience that I--but 
so far, no.

I use the same or similar tubes.  I have 8 tubes spaced over 12 inches, 
which is almost certainly closer than they need to be.  I can print 11 x 14 
with this and can't see the need of anything larger.  I have used a unit at 
Southern Oregon University which had 4 ft tubes spaced about 6 inches apart 
and at least 8, probaby 10 or more inches from the paper. It worked well. 
It was open on three sides so many students could insert their projects at 
one time and could remove them without disturbing other's.

My only question about yours is that you hope to print a 24 inch long image 
with 24 inch long bulbs--I'd guess you will get fall off.

Charles Portland OR 

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