Get a Local Copy of the Alt-Photo-Archives

Here are a few tips for creating your own copy of the archives from the zip files:

  1. Create a directory to hold all the archives. Call it "altphoto" to match the name of the main archive.
  2. Download the zip files into your "altphoto" directory.
  3. Unzip the archives, using the appropriate command line options to "preserve directory structure" and "convert ascii files."
    For UNIX, Win95, and WinNT:
    Use the freeware Info-Zip program. The command would be: unzip -a
    For MacIntosh:
    The newer versions of Stuffit will unzip files. See the instructions with the program.
    For Windows 3.1:
    You can use the command: pkunzip Unfortunately the original archive files have an ".html" file extension, which will be truncated to ".htm". Contact Gordon Holtslander ,, for information on adjusting the links in the HTML files that index the archive.
  4. You will now have a subdirectory named "alt94" that contains all the HTML files for that year.
  5. For the years that are split into two zip files, doing the unzip on each of them will automatically fill the subdirectory for that year or half-year. Note that the four index files are in the second of the two zip files, so you will need it to access the entire directory contents.
  6. In your web browser display the Alt-Photo-Process archive home page (see location in signature below). Now do a "save as" command and save it in the file "index.html" in your toplevel directory, which is "altphoto" in this case.
  7. Voila! You have created the structure of the online archives and in your web browser, always open the file "altphoto/index.html" to start reading. There will be no problem of the top-level directory containing too many files.

Archive maintained by: Gordon J. Holtslander,
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