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RE: "I'm protecting myself from receiving junk mail"


I couldn't agree with you more. I went through the trouble of writing a long
email a couple of months ago about a technical process, perhaps to the same
person, only to get the offending click here message. I never did.

Regarding penis enlargement. I leave my email open and sometimes my 10-year
old daughter does her homework at my desk. She recently asked me after
seeing these messages for several days why I wanted to enlarge my penis. She
seemed relieved when I explained that they were junk mail and said she had
been wondering for a while why I wanted to enlarge me penis. This of course
led to more discussions about why anyone would want to undergo this
transformation. Of the many discussions I expected to have with my daughter
this was not one of them.


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Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 11:16 AM
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Subject: "I'm protecting myself from receiving junk mail"

Today I receved a 17 K message including 6 or 8 "gif" files, whatever they
are (which for my telephone dialup system is LARGE) in response to some
info I supplied onlist to answer a query about Pellet's process. This was
from the kindness of my heart, because no one else seemed to answer, I had
a tad of info on the topic, and we are after all here to share. But now I
am directed to "click here" (which of course my terminal emulator on the
unix shell doesn't do, and if it did I wouldn't anyway) to protect a
person calling himself "John" from receiving junk mail.

To put not too fine a point on it, I consider that response a greater
affront than any "junk mail" I've received to date, and trust me, there
has been plenty (tho I always follow up on the ones promising to enlarge
my penis, and trust me-- HUGE!)

But it seems to me that anyone who subscribes to this list, and is bright
enough to benefit from its discourse, ought to be able to put mail from
the listserv on its "accept" list and not ask folks who take the trouble
to provide information (which I'm not at all certain "John" has done) to
cater to his delicate sensibilities in ways that, besides being a damn
nuisance, display a self-centered arrogance/ignorance I only cater to when
there's something in it for a worthy cause, world improvement, or myself.
To accede to this demand otherwise is simply to encourage a form of
narcissism that IMO doesn't even benefit the narcissist.

So I would respectfully suggest that other folks getting this message
similarly refrain. And perhaps Gord would make a comment on this practice
in his sign-up protocol. (Or I may have to fly to John's place on my
broomstick and REALLY put a hex on him.)

Meanwhile, FWIW, Panix has a generic spam filter signupable for on its
website that's extremely effective -- I used to get more than 50 spams a
day, but now rarely more than one or two.  But of course "John," delicate
soul, in the act of "protecting himself" from dread junk mail, protects
himself from this info too.

love and kisses,