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RE: "I'm protecting myself from receiving junk mail"

I don't believe it is thoughtlessness but rather laziness; laziness to learn
and to understand the limits of ALL in good and bad ways. 

Spam, filtering, and message retrieval, sending, etc., are problems not
easily fixed to the satisfaction of all. I gave it to some rather lazy
customer service people at one of my ISPs. I felt like they could careless
and were basically say go fly a kite ( or a more modern version , like go
... myself)   They have after many months of tersely written pleas for
better spam protection, I now have more options. 

Judy, it could be that John is ignorant to the distress he is causing you.
Then again he may not care? I don't know but I'd not go down that path
unless you had other indications of the same. 

Heck, there is no sound, quick responses, and missed punctuations all over
the place to contribute to less than perfect communications on the net.  

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