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Re: The "Offender" replies....

Hi Brad,


Ive got several messages from Johns antispam service over the last months when I wrote to the list. And Ive got a Del button on my keyboard. But I also appreciate it very much that John has taken action to resolve the issue. Thanks!

All he best from Munich, cordically
  Kai Hamann

----------------------- BRADLEY ALAN LEWIS schrieb: --------------------------------------------

> Hey John,
> I got one of the emails, but it didn't bother me; I didn't even notice there
> were any gifs attached.  I replied to the email and it was done, actually much
> more quickly than if I had started a flame thread against you.  I actually hate
> flame threads MUCH more than I dislike automatic anti-spam emails (and I do
> acknowledge that this is an anti-flame flame email).  People expend so much
> effort condemning you that they end up being far worse.  Come on, calling for
> you to be kicked off the list for a simple message?  Or resending the offending
> message to the entire list??  How is that not 100x as annoying?
> Lighten up, guys.
> Peace,
> Brad
> John Edwards wrote:
> > SORRY!
> > I most humbly apologize for causing such a turmoil on this list, which I have
> belonged to since about 1998(?).
> > I have used SpamArrest for prob 6 months, and have had some success with it,
> decreasing my spam by probably 80%.
> > They seem to be a fairly new company.
> > This list, I admit, has been filtered off to a subdirectory by me, mostly
> because I tired of wading through endless squabbles and fully-copied messages.
> > Unfortunately, I don't have time to check and read every day - usually only
> checking my email weekly.
> > That being said, I do value the info you put forth on alt processes, and hope
> to get myself out of neutral and back into the darkroom.
> > Thanks to Richard Knoppow for "getting it".
> > I have placed this list on "approved" status, which I sincerely hope will
> solve the problem.
> > Once again, I apologize.
> >   - John F. Edwards, Vancouver, WA (edw4@mindspring.com)
> >
> >