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Re: The "Offended" re-replies....

On Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Dean Kansky wrote:

P.S Judy, I will leave Kant to you. I have never liked
his ethics. More of a Nietsche man at heart. I like
that he tells us to live an aesthetic life and also
when he tells us what is wrong with Kant.
Thanks, Dean, for the comment about Kant. To be honest I haven't read Kant since I was in high school, which was a v-e-r-y long time ago. I probably discarded his aesthetics (whatever they were) along with everybody else's, but I thought his "maxim" was particularly apt in the present case: If we all had responses requesting a "check in," the list would be dysfunctional.

As for Nietsche -- I suppose no one with so many afterlives can be all bad, but I prefer Freud.

PS. Do we, does anybody, have an "aesthetics" any more? Like what? In photography?