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At the risk of sounding pedantic, wet mounting directly on the scanner
platen is not a good practice and is best to be avoided.

The optimum height of the film plane above the plane of the glass platen has
been shown to be variable. The correct or optimum height varies from model
to model and scanner to scanner of the same model.

ANG is desirable for users that don't wish to wet mount their film and it
certainly can't be bad for those that do. Good quality float glass should
work fine for wet mounting though. As always YMMMV. 

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Hello all,
The Aztec make of kami fluid prevents newton rings, so would this mean 
you could dispense with the anti-newton glass and mount straight to the 
glass scanner bed? Also, does the Epson 4990 (I think that was the 
model you were all talking about) focus on the film placed on the glass 
or does it need to suspended in a holder above the glass by some amount 
(I think the better scanning mf holders and the new v700 holders have 
height adjustment for focus calibration).

Just some thoughts